Image Marketing, That Convinces!

Our ninjas will help you win the war against social media invisibility and build a formidable image on Social Media platforms.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and ya TikTok too.

Successful marketing

A solid content marketing strategy sets you apart from your competitors


We develop the strategy that has the punch to make your brand stand out.


According to the strategy, we create and design all your content.


We take care of your accounts and upgrade it with all the add-ons to dominate the social media battlefield.


Building and maintaining a good image on social media is a struggle

Most don’t have the muscle or the know-how to win it.Β 

It’s not uncommon for companies to end up without the results they want.

Are you fighting with...?

work with the best

Your Ninja Guide

We know exactly how to move in social media to achieve your goals. We are proven and experienced fighters who have the tools and experience to accomplish our mission.

We’ll develop a strategy for you, create compelling content, and manage your social media accounts so you can focus on what matters most to you in your business.


What you can expect


We analyze your mission statement and set up a strategy that is aligned with your business goals.Β 

Every company offers a unique added value and this must be emphasized.


Be it photos, videos or texts, we create and/or process them so that your company values are reflected and customers and prospects interact with you enthusiastically.


We manage your accounts using all the tools such as timing of posting, #hashtags, @targeting and account interactions.


With Social Ninja...

  • You clearly stand out from the crowd
  • You have a consistent appearance
  • A professional and competent presence

Our price packages

From 1500.- CHF

Social Media In Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Growth and Usage Report 2022
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Social Media in Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Growth & Use Report 2022
Discover ...

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